The creators of Minecraft – studio Mojang – timed to coincide with the eleventh anniversary of the re-branding of its own. Now the company will be known as Mojang Studios. Change was also subjected to the studio logo. For more information about the new character meaning representatives described in circulation, published on the official website of the studio.

 The name change and the emergence of a new set-top box – Studios – was made by chance. The company explains that the company has grown and now it includes several teams, divided into divisions. It is significant that in this case it is including the territorial aspect, the teams are located in different countries. Including the United States, Japan, Canada, Sweden and the UK. At the moment, they remain in the Minecraft Dungeons and Minecraft Earth. However, this is not all the features of units – some of them are also engaged in the creation of a feature film, and “epic show.”

 By the way, screenshots of Diablo 3 is already made public, for more on this – here.

 The company also cryptically said that the work is the creation of “a completely new game.”

 The new logo is designed in such a way that the name of the studio Mojang (game Minecraft) can be collected from the specific details. Newest creators even provided a special name – “Majunga”. It is also known that these elements somehow symbolize the future of the company. However, while this secret studio did not disclose.

 Recall that the game will be a city, the creation of which was inspired by the developers Cyberpunk 2077, for more on this – here.

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